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Thinking Ahead

A Plan for the Future

For many owners and busy professionals, there’s little time after work and family to deal with personal finances. Perhaps you’ve saved some money or bought some life insurance but have you taken the time to consider the whole picture and what you want to create financially for yourself and family?

At CBG, we can help you think through the important issues and plan for the things that matter so that you can have the future you envisioned for those you care for.

When you’re ready to protect your family, Carmel Bay Group will be the place you can trust for life insurance and estate planning.

Insurance Tailored to Fit You

Why Choose Carmel Bay Group for Your Life Insurance Policy?

At Carmel Bay Group we do things a little differently. Our plan and product recommendations will be based on you and your priorities. Life insurance comes in many flavors with different price tags. When all is said and done, the best policy will be one that meets your needs and is most affordable.

Let us put our industry knowledge to work for you .

Get Insured Quickly! Same-day coverage

We offer the convenience of same-day life insurance coverage for qualified applicants

Traditional Underwriting that can save you money

Traditional underwriting can significantly improve on instant term rates you find online, especially if you’re healthy.

Term Life, Whole Life and Universal Life

We offer almost every kind of life insurance policy that you might want including policies with riders for long-term care and income protection


Consider the important issues


Your loved ones will be provided for.


Three decades of estate planning experience.

Brokers That Meet Your Needs

The Carmel Bay Group Difference

You could choose from hundreds of online brokers or insurers. So what makes us different? There are a few things that differentiate Carmel Bay Group from other sellers:

  • We're independent. We work with about 25 to 30 of the best life insurance companies in the US.
  • We're problem-solvers. If you have health problems or risky hobbies, we’ll find the insurance carrier that will treat you most favorably.
  • We're client-centered. We don’t push products or manipulate people into buying what they don’t need. We offer solutions based on your feedback.
  • We're local. As we age, circumstances change and so should your policy. Having a local representative will make life a little easier.

Weighing Your Options

Do I need life insurance?

The pandemic has caused many people to start thinking seriously about life insurance and protecting their families. If you don’t have anyone who depends on you, you probably don’t need life insurance.

But if you do, you need life insurance.

What to include in your life insurance policy.

Regardless of the life insurance policy you choose, you’ll want a death benefit that’s large enough to cover the bills and expenses you won’t be able to help with if you’re gone.

If you’re supporting your family, you’ll want to include things like:

  • Replacing income from your job for a number of years
  • Covering your mortgage or rent
  • Paying off debt, including credit cards and car loans
  • Saving for college

People who should have life insurance include:

Parents and spouses

Parents of a special needs child

Homeowners with a mortgage

Business owners in a partnership or corporation

Businesses carrying debt

People who want to maximize retirement income options

Types of Life Insurance

Term Life Insurance

  • Offers death benefit coverage for a set period of time, usually ranging from 10 to 30 years. 
  • Provides protection to younger individuals and families at an affordable price. 
  • Can provide income replacement and family protection during peak earning years or while raising a family. 
  • Coverage expires at the end of the term, however, most term life insurance policies also offer optional riders to renew or convert your policy at the end of the term. 

Term life insurance is considered to be the most economical option.

Types of Life Insurance

Permanent Insurance

Permanent Insurance

  • Whole Life- Universal Life - Guaranteed Universal Life 
  • Ofers death benefit coverage for the insured’s entire lifetime.
  • Protects family by providing financial security at all stages of your life.  
  • Policyholders can access cash values through withdrawals and loans, depending on terms of the policy.  
  • Is an important tool for estate and tax planning. 

Permanent insurance premiums are higher than term life insurance because it not only funds a lifetime of coverage,  but a cash value account that you can use for emergencies or supplemental income. 

Determining how much life insurance you need

There are three general approaches to estimating how much life insurance you should buy.

Human Life Value

This approach attempts to determine the value of your future earnings. Determine how many years of earnings would be lost if you died and multiply that number by your income. This dollar amount represents your human life value. 


Multiply your income by 10. This gives your family 10 years of a steady income and cash flow to adjust to reality without you. If you want to include education for your children, add $100,000 extra per child.

DIME formula

This approach tries to itemize and total the following obligations: 

  • Debt and final expenses: Add up your debts, other than your mortgage, and other final expenses.
  • Income: Decide for how many years your family would need support, and multiply your annual income by that number.
  • Mortgage: Calculate the amount you need to pay off your mortgage.
  • Education: Estimate the cost of sending your kids to school and college.

While these methods may be helpful, they are by no means definitive. Ultimately the right amount of coverage is the one that is affordable and makes the most sense to you.

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